Business as usual is dead
How supply chain enables fair & sustainable business models ?

OPENING SESSION : Why does it make sense for supply chain stakeholders to drive sustainable business ? 
Jean-Christophe Machet and Paul Polman discuss regarding opportunities around more sustainable business practices in supply chain.
They explored how the supply chain could be a lever to contribute to global neutrality, how it could keep a human face in the years to come and what is at stake for the future of consumption.

Attend one of our expert discussions 

Christophe Girardier

CEO and founder of Glimpact

Sustainable goods for all: how can the supply chain help shift to a new paradigm ?


Interview #1 | With Christophe Girardier and Yannick Buisson, animated by Tamar Shiloh Vidon

Science, courage and ambition !

Together, they discussed how minimizing the brands and products' impacts could be a game-changer in the fight against climate change.



Yannick Buisson
Managing Director Central and Western Europe of FM Logistic


Elisa Niemtzowh

VP Consumer Sectors & Membership at BSR (Business for Social Responsibility)

In a world ruled by omnichannel accessibility and immediacy, can we build responsible consumption models ?


Interview #2 | With Elisa Niemtzow, and Xavier Prevost, animated by Chris Welsch

Consumers, sustainability and strategic thinking !

Together, they shared ideas on how, in a world ruled by omnichannel accessibility and immediacy, the supply chain can help shift to a more responsible paradigm.



Christophe Menivard Xavier Prevost
Business Solutions & Information System Director
of FM Logistic

Gerd Leonhard

CEO de The Futures Agency, author of 'Technology vs. Humanity’

Whilst the supply chain is thriving, how can we ensure it keeps a human face ?

Interview #3 | With Gerd Leonhard, Xavier Derycke and Cécile Cloarec and animated by Nick Spicer

Future, tech, and ethics !

Together, they discussed how the supply chain can secure better working conditions and create economic opportunities for millions of people. Can it contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable future for all ?



Cécile Cloarec
Human Resources Director of FM Logistic

CLOSING SESSION : Supply chain can make a change : let’s believe in innovation and dare new cooperations !
Jean-Christophe Machet and Bertrand Piccard discussed how cooperation will be key for the coming years.
By joining forces we can identify solutions that are not only profitable but relevant for all. We can create the conditions for meaningful innovation.

Discover how Supply Chain needs to adapt and change at the confluence of social, ecological and economic environments.